Last Train to Timbuktu!

What is it?

Last Train to Timbuktu! is a puzzle game in which you slide tiles to connect stations with train tracks. The more stations you connect, the farther your train goes. The farther your train goes, the more points you get! The game creates puzzles for you each time you play, so there's always a new challenge!

"...a distilled experience with lots of challenge and plenty of replayability. No gimmicks necessary!" - Jayisgames review

I want it!

Of course you do, you have great taste!

For PC and Mac

Last Train to Timbuktu! is available for $3.

That gets you both the Mac and Windows versions of the game.

(Requires Windows XP or newer and/or Intel Mac OSX 10.4+)

For Android

Last Train to Timbuktu! is available for free on the Google Play Store.

It's also available ad-free for $1 on the Samsung App Store.

"It's a lovely little thing...difficult to believe that anyone could be disappointed with what it offers." - Gamezebo review

Want to try it first?

Try out Last Train to Timbuktu for free online!

Play online version!

Or, download a free hour-long demo to try before you buy.

Windows Demo

Mac Demo

Tell me more...

Last Train to Timbuktu! offers five levels of difficulty in four quite excellent game modes:

  • Race the dastardly car to Timbuktu station.
  • Practice to perfect your skills.
  • Reach as many stations as you can in five minutes in a Time Challenge.
  • Reach as many stations as you can using only sixty moves in a Move Challenge.

The challenge modes have some special features:

  • Connect bonus stations for extra time or moves.
  • Collect flowers for lots of bonus points.

I want pictures!

Then you'll have them! Even better, here's a trailer!

The first puzzle of the game. Racing the car to Timbuktu. Two challenge modes can be unlocked. Everybody loves bonus points! Blue stations give you extra time or moves in the challenge modes. The puzzles can be a bit tricky on higher difficulty levels. Hooray! The play menu after unlocking both challenge modes.

Looks fun, right? I bet you accidentally paused the video when you tried to move a tile. Get the game!